​AtomicRats 2022 | Poland

13 February 2022



We invite you to an integration trip for fans of post-apo themes - we will be there too! 

Place: Battlezone Arena Gliwice, Błonie 12, 44-100 Gliwice

Date: 26.02.2022 - 27.02.2022

Time: 15:00


About the event: 
Once upon a time ... when coronaviruses caused at best a mild rhinitis, and the Grodziec mine was the seat of the OUTPOST Field Forces, such cyclical events called Wasteland Days took place.
These events were aimed at the joint integration of people with post-apocalyptic interests. Yes, in short.
W Zimie Chujowe is a special Wasteland Day, because it is supposed to drive away all problems from the main event - the Wasteland.
You probably remember what the weather was like at last year's ZJ? How many things have fucked up? How slowly was Pimpuś created? It's all because there was no WZCh !!!
This year we will not make this mistake and we invite you to Wasteland Day #XY: W Zimie Chujowe! The event will take place at Battlezone Arena in Gliwice and will be full of attractions, half of which will probably not take place.

TRIP Wasteland Day #42: W Zimie Chujowe

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