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07 March 2022

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We cordially invite fans of Fallout themes to LARP - we will be there too!


Place: Battlezone Arena Gliwice, Błonie 12, 44-100 Gliwice

Date: April 24, 2022

Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


About the event: Samsville - Kinky town on the edge of the world, at the end of the world. He was once such a guy ... he ran a bar in the wilderness, he did not disturb anyone. He rushed good moonshine, always took travelers under the roof. A few years ago it turned out that he is not exactly the calm type. Interestingly, even with a global scale and plan. He was a former Brotherhood of Steel paladin, fond of higher goals. His goal was to make a crap out of it, a kind of green Eden. Before his death, he and the enclave deserters had almost achieved this goal. If it weren't for… well, if it weren't for the mega-clever super mutant Hansel and his sociopathic thirst for power. After Project 66 was launched, the outbreak and growth of healthy, radiation-free vegetation was magnificent. Unfortunately, Hansel and his hands, after taking over the settlement, also got to the working project. A bit of alteration, tinkering and unfortunately it was overloaded. Project 66 and the entire crypt imploded into hell. The desert landscape around John's throne has returned. It didn't put him off too much, the spheres of influence, the control over the minds of more and more people - everything was going like a storm. By the time. Until the paws reached the wrong hole as they should. When Jasio's forces reached one of the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel - the greatest blitzkrieg of our post-nuclear times took place. The brotherhood, like a roller, passed through Jasio's heretical land. Johnny's forces have been decimated, and Hansel himself has probably either died or is serving as an experimental animal in the Brotherhood's research.

What happened to the settlement? Unfortunately, the vegetation was irretrievably lost, but the settlers returned to the barren fields. The town of Samsville was founded - in memory of the brave Sam. And this is how this crap has been growing slowly and without sense or finesse over the last 2 years. More people = more business. That's probably why the Triggerman mafia showed up, too, and it shook Samsville up pretty well. Two months ago, NCR showed up and kicked the smarts in their shirts in the name of cleanup. I don't like these soldiers ... but at least I can go to the Saloon and come back with no more than a scythe in my back, and not a leaden in my ass. Better, but I guess something's up again....

Company of Brothers Żory and Battlezone Arena have a great pleasure to invite you to the next LARP-ASG in Fallout reality.


LARP-ASG - The memory of Uncle Sam 

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